The MER Experience
The 25th Year of Delivering Premier Electronic Records Management Education

Session 25: Integrating Digital Preservation Capabilities into Information Governance

Every organization — public, private or not-for-profit — now has converted or born digital content that must remain available, usable, understandable and trustworthy for long periods of time. This may be due to legal, compliance or regulatory reasons, a desire to preserve corporate memory and history, or driven entirely by operational requirements.

Long-term access to valued digital content, however, does not happen by accident it takes planning, specialized resources, and a keen awareness of the technology and file formats used, as well as attention to evolving standards and computing trends. The emergence of Information Governance as a coordinating framework for enterprise-wide information lifecycle management provides an opportune moment to highlight the inherent risks of technology obsolescence weighed against the intrinsic value of select long-term information assets.

But digital preservation isn’t a one and done proposition. Enabling access over time and across generations of technologies and custodians to usable and trustworthy digital content ideally begins at the point of creation/receipt and extends through operational use. In this context, digital preservation has considerably more stakeholders than a traditional archive, and will be required for many different types of information. In this session you will learn how active preservation and standards-based technologies ensure the usability and authenticity of long-term electronic records and the sustainability of trustworthy digital repositories.

From this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify strategies to mitigate the risk of technology obsolescence over the lifetime of valued digital information assets
  • Learn about prevailing international digital preservation standards
  • Differentiate between core functionality of enterprise content management (ECM) and digital preservation systems

Speakers: Lori Ashley, Martin Springell