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Why “Events Season” is The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

By Manrico Troncelliti | @zltechnologies

For the party-crashers at heart, “wedding season” is often lauded as the best time of year. But for me, “event season” might just win out. Around the ZL office, “events season” is that magical time of during Q2 where it seems like there are high-profile information governance, IT, and legal events seemingly every week . . . the pinnacle of electronic records shows — MER.

. . . this is largely due to the extremely high quality speaking panels they offer. The panels are full of true industry experts, real-world enterprise practitioners, and neutral think tank leaders. The array of topics covered ranges from the incredibly specific – think case studies and granular policy settings – all the way up enterprise-wide strategy. I find this approach extremely fascinating, as you can hear firsthand accounts from professionals regarding how the successfully (or unsuccessfully!) managed information.

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Manrico Troncelliti

As an Account Executive at ZL, I have been able to see how the intersection of big data and legal repercussions has caused large companies to begin a quest for complete information governance.

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