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Video Snippet: M15S13 – CASE STUDY: E-mail Management: Same Problem, Different Solutions

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S13 – CASE STUDY: E-mail Management: Same Problem, Different Solutions


Laurie Fischer — Huron Consulting Group


Laura McKenzie — 3M
Devin Schindele — Devon Energy Corporation
Cheryl Strom — McDonald’s Corporation


Email has revolutionized business communication, becoming a critical tool that supports an organization’s business transactions and internal operations. Consequently, email messages may play a significant role as evidence in legal proceedings and are subject to information life cycle management requirements for preservation, protection, retention, and disposition.

However, email has become both a blessing and a curse. Issues such as careless deletion of important email messages, inappropriate use of company-provided email systems, escalating storage costs for the unnecessary storage of unneeded email, etc. sometimes overshadow the importance of email as a business enabler.

Further, many organizations’ email systems have become the defacto environments for sharing and collaborating, resulting in massive duplication and dispersal of information within the email system where other collaborative environments would be more appropriate. Unfortunately, most email systems lack the necessary information management and governance functionality that allows an organization to properly preserve, classify, and dispose of email.

This session will detail how three large Fortune 500 companies have developed email management strategies, in unique technology environments (including the cloud)…

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