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Shouldering the Responsibility of Information Governance


By Animesh Kumar | @RecallHoldings

Browse the news lately? You can’t escape terms like “cloud computing,” “mobility,” “bring-your-own-device (BYOD)” and the “Internet of Things (IoT).” These hot trends are making workers more productive and lowering business costs for organizations. But they’re also adding to the tremendous influx of content that most companies have to manage.

Some recent stories got me thinking about our experience at MER 2015 in Chicago. The Managing Electronic Records Conference has been around for nearly 20 years as a forum for people to come together and share information about what is known as Information Governance (IG). The energy at this year’s event was tremendous, and with good reason: IG has never been more vital to business success. In addition to the technical innovations that make accumulating information so easy, there are advanced tools and techniques now available for managing the information—and plenty of new regulations dictating how it must be done.

As a result, attendees from enterprises of every size were all seeking the knowledge they need to get a handle on their IG challenges. Whether on the show floor or at breakfast, lunch and dinner, we spent a lot of time engaged in conversation about IG issues—some of them common to all businesses and some unique to particular industries or companies.

It’s clear that interest in Information Governance is keen. The implications of a successful IG program touch on data privacy, information security, regulatory compliance and a business’ efficiency and productivity. Conversely, organizations that fail to rein in their IG will be adversely affected in all these areas.

A majority of the attendees we met told us they came to MER 2015 to share knowledge and learn about the latest best practices in IG. Everyone was looking for solutions, and those with whom we spoke seemed reassured that they were not alone—that there were companies investing in tools to help them.

Chicago is known as the City of Big Shoulders. The burden of implementing and managing a successful Information Governance program is a serious responsibility. With Recall, you don’t have to shoulder that responsibility on your own.

Information Governance is here to stay and will play a critical role in future growth of all successful organizations. Learn more by downloading the following whitepaper “A Path Forward”.

Animesh Kumar


Animesh Kumar

Title: Global Director, Digital Go To Market Leader
Animesh Kumar is the Global Director, Digital Go To market Leader for Recall and is responsible for defining and executing go-to-market strategies for Recall’s digital products. Animesh joined Brambles Leadership Program in 2010 and has led marketing, strategy and operations initiatives at Recall since then. Animesh brings a global perspective from his experience living and working across four continents in strategic planning, product strategy and marketing, sales enablement, general management and product development for information management, automotive and private equity sectors. Animesh holds an engineering degree in Computer Science and an MBA from Duke University. /em>
Website: Recall
Twitter Handle: @RecallHoldings
LinkedIn: Animesh Kumar on LinkedIn

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Bob Williams is the founder and president of Cohasset Associates, Inc. and founder of the National Conference on Managing Electronic Records, (MER).Mr. Williams is renowned for his leadership in addressing the legal, technical, and operational challenges associated with the life-cycle management of records, especially electronic records.  He has edited two definitive legal research studies: Legality of Microfilm and Legality of Optical Storage.  His also has overseen many industry white papers focused on compliance the SEC’s requirements for the storage of computer stored information (CSI).As a renowned speaker, Mr. Williams has given more than 1,000 presentations at briefings, seminars, and conferences throughout the United States as well as in Europe and South America.Mr. Williams’ primary focus now is organizing, running, and co-chairing the MER, Cohasset’s nationally renowned conference on managing electronic records