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Chaos Control: Successfully Managing Unstructured Data in the Digital Age


By Animesh Kumar | @RecallHoldings

Information management has changed a great deal since the National Conference on Managing Electronic Records launched 19 years ago. And the pace of change continues to increase with innovations in technology and communications. In other words, if you think managing all that information is chaotic today, just wait until tomorrow.

For organizations dealing with that crush of records and unstructured data, chaos control is serious business. It requires thoughtful planning and state-of-the-art tools and techniques to achieve successful information governance.

That’s why Recall is at MER. The days when records management solely meant storing folders in file cabinets, shipping banker boxes to a warehouse and running a shredder from time to time are gone. Respected industry analysts like IDC and Gartner peg the growth of unstructured business data at 62 percent per year.

The number of data security and management regulations—such as HIPAA/HITECH, Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, Data Privacy Directive and others—continues to grow and become more complex. Technology innovations such as cloud computing, mobile devices and the “internet of things” mean more ways to collect and store more data than ever.

Information governance requires expertise in records management, information technology and legal compliance. For many organizations, it adds up to an increasingly confusing, tedious and overwhelming task—chaotic, in other words.

The consequences for improper information governance can be costly. Inefficient operations, fines and penalties, loss of brand trust and unnecessary business cost increases can be crippling. The good news is that, with the right knowledge and resources, proper information governance is an achievable goal for any business.

To help you understand the challenges involved with information governance and to outline the elements of a successful program Recall recently published an ebook: Governing the Chaos: The Convergence of IT, Legal and Records Managers to Address Unstructured Data (click here). The book contains analysis from experts both within and independent of Recall. It contains lessons we’ve gleaned guiding tens of thousands of our clients toward a strategy that is right for their operations.

Managing data is becoming integral to business success. The task of managing and governing unstructured data is growing more complicated, regardless of its size or industry. That’s why so many enterprises are taking action today. Download the ebook, and be sure to stop by to see Recall at the show.


Animesh Kumar


Animesh Kumar

Title: Global Director, Digital Go To Market Leader
Animesh Kumar is the Global Director, Digital Go To market Leader for Recall and is responsible for defining and executing go-to-market strategies for Recall’s digital products. Animesh joined Brambles Leadership Program in 2010 and has led marketing, strategy and operations initiatives at Recall since then. Animesh brings a global perspective from his experience living and working across four continents in strategic planning, product strategy and marketing, sales enablement, general management and product development for information management, automotive and private equity sectors. Animesh holds an engineering degree in Computer Science and an MBA from Duke University. /em>
Website: Recall
Twitter Handle: @RecallHoldings
LinkedIn: Animesh Kumar on LinkedIn

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Bob Williams is the founder and president of Cohasset Associates, Inc. and founder of the National Conference on Managing Electronic Records, (MER).Mr. Williams is renowned for his leadership in addressing the legal, technical, and operational challenges associated with the life-cycle management of records, especially electronic records.  He has edited two definitive legal research studies: Legality of Microfilm and Legality of Optical Storage.  His also has overseen many industry white papers focused on compliance the SEC’s requirements for the storage of computer stored information (CSI).As a renowned speaker, Mr. Williams has given more than 1,000 presentations at briefings, seminars, and conferences throughout the United States as well as in Europe and South America.Mr. Williams’ primary focus now is organizing, running, and co-chairing the MER, Cohasset’s nationally renowned conference on managing electronic records