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Randy’s Twelve Step Program To Help Lawyers Own and Combat Information Hoarding

Randy Kahn

Randy Kahn @InfoParkingLot

As founder of Kahn Consulting, Inc., Randy Kahn leads a team of information management, regulatory, compliance and technology professionals who serve as consultants and advisors to major institutions around the globe. Check out his “Twelve Step Program To Help Lawyers Own and Combat Information Hoarding,” in his post:

Hanging with my Legal Peeps and Giving out Some Well Deserved Tough Love.”

“A big shout out to all the lawyers in the hizouse.” “Give it up for all the attorneys”. “‘Hey lawyers, when I say ‘Ob’ you say ‘structionist’, ‘OB’.” “I can’t hear you.”   Ok, when I say “your IT department thinks you’re THE problem,” you say “really?”.   “Your IT department thinks you’re the problem”.  And a painful and profound silence befalls the harried hallowed hallways of your corporate law department.  What if your thinking is wrong.   What if you believe your course of action is prudent but in fact it’s dead wrong.  It’s not as though you set out to tell your whole company that from today forward that no information will ever be destroyed.  But for many companies that is the precise situation in which they find themselves. Maybe it has nothing to do with you and your legal eagle pals, but if experience is any guide that is probably not the truth. If you are an in-house litigator maybe your thinking is misguided because you think tactically at the lawsuit level not strategically for the enterprise. Or perhaps, it’s because you are only concerned about the lawsuit you face today not what happens when you say to the IT department stop destroying anything even if policy otherwise allows its destruction. Maybe it’s because from your vantage point you are always looking backward at evidence created in the past not forward at business efficacy through information accessibility. But I think you are likely, at least, part of the problem.
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Be sure not to miss Randy Kahn and Johathan Redgrave in the final session of MER ’13:
S26 – Leaping Over Infinite Dead Space: 5 Things to Change Your Career Path
10:00 AM to 11:45 AM Wed, May 22, 2013
Randolph A. Kahn , Esq. — Kahn Consulting, Inc.
Jonathan Redgrave , Esq. — Redgrave LLP


Change is pervasive, not just in a technological context, but also with respect to paradigms, core concepts and operations. Even the laws which guide our business operations are changing.

This interactive closing session explores how you can make sure you are not relegated to the dustbin of corporate existence.

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Bob Williams is the founder and president of Cohasset Associates, Inc. and founder of the National Conference on Managing Electronic Records, (MER).Mr. Williams is renowned for his leadership in addressing the legal, technical, and operational challenges associated with the life-cycle management of records, especially electronic records.  He has edited two definitive legal research studies: Legality of Microfilm and Legality of Optical Storage.  His also has overseen many industry white papers focused on compliance the SEC’s requirements for the storage of computer stored information (CSI).As a renowned speaker, Mr. Williams has given more than 1,000 presentations at briefings, seminars, and conferences throughout the United States as well as in Europe and South America.Mr. Williams’ primary focus now is organizing, running, and co-chairing the MER, Cohasset’s nationally renowned conference on managing electronic records